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Brian Birdsall

Brian has served as Executive Director of the Christian Embassy NYC since January 2014.  Prior to that he and his wife, Cathy, served with Cru in Ukraine for over twenty years.  Brian and Cathy have five married children and four grandchildren.   


Cathy Birdsall

Cathy and her husband, Brian, lived in Ukraine for twenty years with a multinational NGO focused primarily on educational consulting. Cathy served as the Headmaster of an accredited K-12 international school and has an M.Ed. in Educational Administration.


Karen Bradley

Karen Bradley joined Christian Embassy in 2010. Prior to moving to NY, she and her husband, Doug, spent 22 years in France and Turkey working for a multi-national NGO in the areas of cross-cultural dynamics and leadership development. She speaks French and Turkish.


Debra Christensen

Having lived in New York City longer than anywhere else in her life, Debra has learned how to not just survive, but how to thrive in this amazing city! These experiences have provided an appreciation for people, the city, and the diversity it offers, as well as the fun it provides for her husband, her four married sons, and their 11 grandchildren!


Margaret Given

Margaret joined Christian Embassy in the fall of 2019. She brings experience and wisdom to our team.  In the past, she helped to lead the international recruiting division of our NGO, giving her exposure to many different countries and cultures. Margaret is enjoying exploring New York City and all that it has to offer.


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